Sunday, February 8, 2009

update: wolfgang!

wolfgang and my little sister, ndey fatou, have learned how to play fetch. they just did so for about a good 15 minutes. she throws his little pillow toy i sewed him across the room, he dashes off to get it, and then brings it back to her for her to wrestle away from him and then throw across the room again. amazing.

he's getting pretty big these days. my mom (my real one, in america) doesn't like his name so calls him waffle. i think that's pretty appropriate too.

he's fun but a bundle of stereotypical boy. he burps, farts, and refuses to be cuddled until night time when we got to sleep.

here is wolfgang and himself:

and here is 44 seconds of a 2 hour battle with a quaker oats granola bar wrapper:

(he went back to it...)

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