Thursday, February 12, 2009

i don't think you're ready for my gellies

after two extremely productive weeks, i'm in dakar getting ready for WAIST! WAIST is a big west african ex-pat softball tournament that goes for the president's day weekend. it's pretty much the party of the year.

upon leaving the village i felt an extreme satisfaction, i got so much work done. i was in the fields almost everyday, held meetings with teachers, planned a big project for the spring, had my first art class (and established a schedule for more), had a meeting with my village chief about a latrine project i want to do, went to the louma on sunday, worked on drawings for a training manual, planned a village meeting for when i get back, and even got my hair braided.

there's still a bunch of work to be done in dakar and that is also a nice feeling. i have a few letters and proposals to write so i don't feel like i am only here to play. moreover, i'll be volunteering to do kid's facepainting on saturday and also helping run the oceanium party -- which is, according to last year's experience, the ultimate party.

today chris, jc, and i went out and about downtown getting errands done and even managed to find facepaint for the kaolack team theme (braveheart = kilts, blue & white warpaint). i also found a fun conductor hat that i splurged on getting. oh and, maybe i'm a few seasons late but i've heard that gellies are back and all the fashion rage in america. well guess what i found for 1,000CFA ($2USD) on the streets of dakar?!

yay new shoes! (i've been here too long...)


janimation said...

how did the party go?

Anonymous said...

I am so proud of you! A letter's in the works. Don't think I forgot about you

Anonymous said...

- Kari