Saturday, November 8, 2008

snake kill #2

just as i was writing and complaining about having a dull day -- i spent the morning shelling peanuts and hunting wasp's nests in my hut -- i caught a glimmer of goldish-green out of the corner of my eye. i looked to my left and there was a huge snake slithering into my hut through a hole in my screen door and heading towards a little hole in the ground. i slipped away to grab my machete and when i got back it spotted me and froze. i did too and we stared at each other for some time -- was i even breathing? i won the standoff and it started to creep into the hole (funny thing about this hole is that i've continually been trying to fill it up with clay and it would get reopened and i would get so annoyed). it was an awkward spot since it was in between the wall and the leg of my bed but i decided it was now or never and struck. i missed. it bolted in the other direction and i went for it a few more times (gashing up my "cement" floor) and finally cut of a bit of its tail and then chopped it in half at the mid-section. blood sprayed everywhere (in a nice writhing pattern, i might add) and i ran outside to find talla. aram and talla helped clean up the blood but it's still all over the wood frame -- i don't think that stain is coming out.

considering how perfectly snaked sized the hole in my screen door is, i wonder how long the snake and i have lived in harmony with each other.

i like my little hut but i look forward to the day that i don't have to constantly be battling and worrying about ants, crickets, wasps, earwigs, flies, mice, scorpions, frogs, gigantic beetles, lizards, and snakes taking oevr my hut while i sleep. these infestations come in cycles and it drives me crazy -- but i'll count my blessings and be glad that i don't have termites or bed bugs. yet.

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