Monday, November 10, 2008

attack of the watermelon

so guess where i am?



on saturday i was happily eating a watermelon and as i bit into it, there was this sinking feeling of "oh shit."

i managed to bite into the watermelon JUST right so that the seed slipped into the little hole left from my wisdom tooth extraction. the seed is wedged in the hole, a perfect fit, and i struggled to get it out for an hour and a half before i finally called dr. savage and told him my ridiculous plight.

the seed is deep down in there and happy as a clam and no amount of swishing or attempt to fish it out with tweezers (two types, i might add) is getting it close to leaving so i had to come back up to dakar to see the dentist who will hopefully extract it tomorrow morning.

my goodness. what are the chances?! sheesh.

the culprit

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Janimation said...

um, have you received anything from me recently?