Sunday, November 4, 2007

there's no stopping it now

PST is coming to an end and the scariest day of my life is quickly approaching!

i get sworn in as an official PCV on friday and will be installed in my site not this thursday but next. the idea of going to site is both exhilarating and terrifying. i met my counterpart (the community member who will essentially be my wingman in my agroforestry attempts) this week during counterpart workshop. it also turns out that he will be my host-father and i will be living with him for the next two years. things didn't go as well as i wanted, as my wolof escapes me as soon as i get nervous and i am terribly nervous around him. despite having received top marks in wolof, i feel terribly unprepared in my language abilities and can't even picture what the next few weeks of my life will be like...other than traumatizing. but then again, there is no stopping this train and i am committed to riding this whole thing out so i am just going to take things as they are and live a day at a time.

if you were planning on sending me any letters/care packages, you may want to hold off as i am moving soon and getting a new address. i will notify you all of the new address as soon as i find it out.

my apologies for the lack of descriptive and/or exciting things to write about. plenty has been happening but i find it harder and harder to write about it as all the little mishaps and miscommunications are becoming a part of daily life and daily life is difficult to write about.

peace and justice,
angelica (aka aicha sagna soon to be aissatou ka)


treesaver said...
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treesaver said...
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Autumn said...

woot! good luck with the transition! your posts are always enjoyable to read, no matter how uneventful your daily life may feel, because you have such a gift for words. i look forward to reading about the next part of your adventure!

shiann said...


sorry i disappeared for the past 2's been exciting reading about your adventures. i only wish the communication could be better. i'll write sometime soon, and hopefully you'll get it sometime.
take care.