Wednesday, October 24, 2007

free wireless?!

so chris discovered the magical wonders of free wireless internet at a restaurant called magic croissant here in thies. can you imagine?! i am totally thrilled. i am sitting here with two of my good friends with a gazelle (one of the two staple beers here, not fantastic, but beggars can't be choosers) and wireless on my laptop. amazing.

today we had a "street fair" at the training center which was basically a sampling of all the different kinds of street food you can get in senegal. why is it that whatever country you go to, street food is amazingly good while being dangerously terrible for your health (in many ways)? regardless, we chowed down and then danced away the grease and carbs with the trainers.

anyway, i just had to announce that i have free wireless and i love it and that i am fine and going to dakar this weekend. i am very excited.

things have been gradually getting better, i am starting to regain focus. mommy called me last night and i had a wonderful conversation with her and i miss home very much.

write me letters/emails!


Kanan said...

Hiiiiiiii baby!!!
How are you????? I miss you and spent much of yesterday catching up on your blog posts that I've been missing out on. Sounds like you're adjusting slowly but surely! Can't believe your hair :p Lookin' flyyyy.
Keep blogging! We miss you!!

treesaver said...

i wrote you an email!