Thursday, November 22, 2007

thanksgiving in senegal

happy thanksgiving!

i tried to explain to my family what thanksgiving is in my very broken wolof and now they probably think americans are wacky and have strange holidays that circle around slaughtering and eating a really big ugly bird (turkey, which they do have here). it's funny -- trying to explain american traditions in a different language because i guess that really is what thanksgiving is and then i realize how strange some of our holidays are. regardless, i love thanksgiving and miss the warm fuzzy feeling of being with family in the brisk autumn east coast air.

i am currently in kaolack (got here this morning) to have thanksgiving dinner with all the PCVs in the k'lack region and will be here until saturday to get some things at the market that i need for my hut. there is an american-owned restaurant here that prepares a real american thanksgiving meal for PCVs and i am pumped to stuff myself silly with yummy food and to eat something other than millet. me & JC bought a bottle of beaujolais and i am excited for this tiny luxury.

however i surprisingly prefer my little pretty village to this big sprawling city. it was fun getting back to the house and seeing everybody and exchanging stories (most of them hilarious, many of them involving vomit and/or intestinal issues) and ideas for what we will and can do at our sites.

miss you all very much on this wonderful holiday and i hope you all eat lots of food for me and think of me when you are eating pie because THERE IS NO PIE HERE AND I WANT PIE!!!


treesaver said...

awww...when i called you i was making apple pie. but i forgot the pie pan and walked to both cvs and walgreens to find one.

i enjoyed all of your blogs. i think i'm your biggest fan and check regularly. remember you bookmarked it on my phone? i've read your blogs while sitting in traffic on the way home from work.

miss you.

Jan said...

mmmmm .... pumpkin pie. i hope your weave is treating you well.