Friday, November 23, 2007

see you in a bit

thanksgiving was fun and i am going back to site tomorrow.

since i have one more night in kaolack and a few other PCVs are here too, i decided to cook dinner for us. so as i speak there are a bunch of steaks sitting in a delicious marinade of beer, maggi sauce, garlic, vinegar, and a bunch of other ingredients i was able to gather together. we'll be grilling the steaks on the roof later tonight and we'll have it with rosemary garlic mashed potatoes (that i will make as soon as i leave the cyber) and canned corn and peas. it's like thanksgiving part II and it feels good to have been cooking and preparing food all afternoon. i've missed cooking. and i've missed steak. so tonight should be a good night.

i've recently been barraging my family with lists of requests of things that i need now that i am on site and feel terribly guilty for making them do all of that, so i am going to throw out a few requests to my reading audience and if you want to send an item to me, please do!

headlamp -- the one i have is broken :(
scented candles
books (i plow through books here)
the following periodicals: national geographic, newsweek, the economist, foreign affairs, vanity fair, rolling stone
fine-tipped liquid ink pens (pilot is preferable)
instant oatmeal
granola bars/power bars
chocolate/yogurt covered pretzels!
tank tops
interesting articles and/or stories from the papers or whatever
a new nalgene (i came with 3 but gave 2 of mine away to 2 other PCVs who didn't have one)

i won't be back in kaolack until december 7 (i think) so no updates from me for a while until i come back into kaolack and flood you all with my wacky stories. i hope you find them as humorous as i do (i am constantly laughing at myself) and feel free to leave comments and questions about my life, my work, my village, etc. and i will try to answer them.


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Daddy said...

Dear Caca,
At the beginning, dad was hinged by the idea of the ‘investment return’ after spending a fortune on your 4 years college educations and learned that you wanted to go to Africa as a PCV, and in my dictionary, the word of ‘volunteer’ is being interpreted as ‘no money in return’.
Nevertheless, based on what you had written here so far, I am getting relieved from that hinge and also enjoy reading your stories, some of stories had made me laugh so hard and of course, some of them also make me worry and embarrassing, such as your intestinal issues and publicly ask people to send your stuff. Anyway, you are one hec of writer and I am enrolling myself into your fan club now. Dada

Irene said...

oh man, u make me hungry!!

glad to hear u're doing quite well otherwise!