Sunday, October 7, 2007

soxla na sangu

it is currently 95 degrees out and i kind of miss east coast sweater weather and hot apple cider from terhune's. mmmmm i love their apple cider. the other week i went to the market with my sisters and got very excited when i saw shelves full of apple juice. each week i buy some kind of food product for my family as a gesture and was totally set on buying a gallon or two of apple juice. i was salivating just thinking of it. upon closer inspection i discovered that it wasn't apple juice but vegetable oil.

i got a phone call from my parents today! yaaay! it was nice. i miss them and it was good to hear their voices. they sent me a care package that i haven't received yet and i am so excited for the day i get a package slip in my mail cubby. my dad felt a little embarassed that i (seemed to be) begging for things via my blog so for the record, i am not at a complete dearth of goods or it is not as if my (real/american) family is not taking care of me...i am just being greedy for love and affection.

last night was a night of fun as the agfos went out for some drinks and i came home giddy from having my first real evening outing (even though i was home by 9PM). i also managed to get a cab and get him to take two bikes in the trunk on my own in wolof although i did not succesfully bargain the price down (more because i didn't want to waste time and miss curfew than anything else). after dinner my sisters decided to teach me the art of senegalese seduction and we were rolling on the floor laughing and giggling as i blushed and they poked fun and teased me. it feels great to have a rudimentary comprehension level that allows me to understand humor and i have already succesfully made a joke or two in wolof.

i still wake up everyday amazed that i'm here and that only a few weeks ago i was living a cushy life in the states. i wonder if this feeling of amazement ever really fully leaves in the next two years but i must say that there is something wonderful about waking up everyday with that sense of awe and literally learning something new everyday.

this week i find out my site which is VERY exciting and not this coming but the next weekend we are all going to the beach. maybe i can finally get a tan.

also, as of today, senegalese phone numbers have changed so my phone number is now 221 77 700 51 34. no prank calls, please!


Katie said...

i can see you digging in the dirt with a huge smile on your face :)
miss you!

Tarik said...

Whats up playa ? Sounds like you are enjoying the African heat. SO what if its hot, you've prolly got a nice tan =). I got an offer today to join the UN mission in Darfur. As that is probably the 2nd most dangerous mission there is however, Im gonna put it in my plan B slot and see if I can go to Kinshasa instead. If not, I might be in the desert running from Janjaweed next time you see me !

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