Friday, October 19, 2007

i'm okay, really

we're going to the beach tomorrow! we've rented out a beach house and will be there saturday to sunday. can't wait.

i intend to spend at least 24 hours not thinking about and/or speaking in wolof. this is not to say that i dislike the language or being here but i think it is clear that: I NEED A BREAK.

i have also recently been introduced to chakri which is soow (lait caillet/yogurt) and millet porridge dish with a little bit of sugar, raisins, and (as my family prepares it) shreds of coconut (at least i THINK it' is called chakri...)and i have been craving it since but am far too shy (or not audacious enough) to ask my family to make it and/or teach me. they are so incredibly accommodating that i am certain that if i were to mention it, i would have it every single day until i moved out.

as much as i bitched and moaned this past week (as demonstrated in my last posting), i am not in a terrible place or condition or anything. really, things are great and i have nothing to complain about, i suppose i am just stressed. we are a few weeks away from being sworn in and put on site and perhaps i am just going a little nutty from it all. i have a good competency in the language, my pepineer is thriving (but don't ask about the vegetable garden), have good friends to watch my back, and have been healthy as an ox since my first two weeks in country. five weeks into all of this and things aren't nearly as terrifying as i had thought it would be. (we'll see how i feel after i get installed on site!)

this weekend will be a good distraction (hopefully).

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