Tuesday, August 21, 2007

lucky me

my family threw me a wonderful going-away party on saturday
there are multiple things to say about this:
(they sound kind of cliche but i swear i mean every single word)

1) i have a fabulous family that shows me time and time again how much they love me, believe in me, support me, and trust me (damn it feels good to be a kangsta)
2) i have a beautiful house, a luxurious life, and ample opportunity
3) i have amazing friends who are willing to travel far and wide to express to me how much they care, one cannot say that often
4) i have somebody watching out for me as it rained the day before and after but not the day of and what more, the day of was the perfect weather
5) i have a lot of leftover beer in my fridgie

deep(er) thoughts to come soon related to the new york times series on "new power in africa" but i'm tired from trying to bike off all the excessive calories i consumed this weekend, so for now some pictures (people like visuals more than words anyway)

that's a whole lot of me (and chicken) and my dad is totally right, i need a new smile
sheesh, i look the same in every picture
a bunch more pictures on my flickr & facebook

1 comment:

tony c said...

hey angelica, wow - looking forward to the stories.

by the way, do your parents ever age? all of ya'll look so great.