Tuesday, August 14, 2007


i came home today with a pounding headache and a chill from the mindless job that i currently hold only to be greeted by dozens of packages and best of all, my staging kit from PC!

so here are the details:
september 10: i fly to hotlanta (atlanta, for you lame-os) for staging (i am also going to try to squeeze in a trip to mecca/martin luther king jr.'s home)
september 10-12: staging aka getting holed up in an overly air-conditioned hotel (i should enjoy it while i can) being stuffed full of information about departure and getting lots of vaccinations and meeting lots of new people
september 12: fly to senegal
september 13: arrive in dakar at the buttcrack of dawn which is also the first day of ramadan which will prove to be an interesting experience (i hear people get uber cranky during ramadan...i don't blame 'em!)

so basically what i'm saying is that you have until september 10 to see me, hug me, love me, feed me, confess you sins & secrets to me, and shower me with affection and love and then i am off and out of your lives for the next 2 years (maybe -- probably -- more)

i think i am suffering from pre-departure mood swings
one hour i am excited, the next i am ready to call it quits, the next i am elated, the next i am depressed, then the next hour i am pumped and an hour later i hate everything
bear with me, por fa(vor)
or, should i say, sil vous plait

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Jan said...

i hope you're feeling better. listen to rihanna, she always makes me happy.