Saturday, August 15, 2009

weed battle

just had a nice storm for about an hour -- the first day storm that i can recall since last rainy season. 12mm so that should be good for the trees i outplanted this morning.

talla asked me to help him out. since he is so "busy" at the WV pepiniere he hasn't been able to outplant so he asked me to do it. the live fence he planted last year has some gaps that needed to be filled. i don't like him but i agreed to do it because i like tree and outplanting, and i mean, he's a jerk but it's not totally his fault. it's been a two day task -- i started yesterday along the road which didn't have any weeds, just a lot of missing trees so lots of holes to dig. ndey fatou helped me out and got some pleasure out of getting to slice open the sacks with the rusty razor blade i had.

this morning, however, was quite a task. the remaining part of the fence to be worked with was overgrown with weeds. nobody's weeded those trees ever so the rain and neglect led to some weeds as tall as me and so thick that if they could be like that year round, there would be no need for me to fill in the gaps. but, once the rains stop and the grasses dry and die, those gaps will be there -- so in i went. it was an epic battle ripping out clumps of grass and getting torn up by all types of thorns. at the same time, i enjoyed the physical labor and even started to get nostalgic about how never again in my future would i live this life -- weeding a life fence in my little village that i am the only person in north america who of offhand. as eager as i am for my service to end, there is certainly a sadness of never being here again.

anyway, the weeding took a good 2 to 3 hours. thankfully it was cloudy (build up to our storm) and ndey fatou came and helped me out again. but i don't think she found it as fun as yesterday and quickly slipped away when i told her to take a break. eventually it was finished and i outplanted 19 trees into the fence. it should be pretty sufficient by next year, God willing.

today is my last day at the village before Ramadan commenced. my last day to eat normal meals at normal times and to chug as much water as i want, when i want. Ramadan doesn't start for another few days but tomorrow i must go to Dakar.

it's nice and good now and feels like the day is over, but it's not because it's only 3:28pm. strange. i finished my last book so i'm not really sure what to do now. a nap might be nice and hopefully the roads aren't too flooded and i can go for a run later.

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