Tuesday, August 11, 2009

my hut is falling

perhaps it is good the rains have been so late. they have now caused my hut to collapse. i'm in too bad of a mood to write about it again so here's the email i sent to my family about it:

"...An unfortunate situation I've found myself in is that on Saturday we had a very big rain and the water flooded next to my hut. For the past two years I've had ants digging under my hut so I'm assuming my hut was sitting on top of a foundation that was more lace-like than solid. The flooded water finally made it's way into there so basically, the ground beneath my hut filled up with water and my split in half and sank. It hasn't broken apart completely but it's definitely split in half and one part of it is sinking into the ground. I can't even close the doors or the windows now. It's a pretty crappy situation because I have such little time left and I have lost the really great comfort and privacy of my hut. The women want me to sleep with them -- use whichever hut Talla's not in for the day (as he alternates which woman he sleeps with every night -- terrible polygamous society) -- but that is like, the very last thing I think I have in my sanity to do. I could not possibly sleep in the same hut as the children, sharing a bed with them or the women. Moreover, that's just totally weird to me, switching among the women as if I'm another husband in the family. They can't rebuild in the rainy season so the next volunteer is going to have to temporarily live in the storage hut for a while. They built this hut a few months ago and use it to store all the horse feed and tools. It's right by the animals and smells terrible. It has two doors but no window and no private yard. I think my only option right now is to move into there for the last few weeks of my service which is a pretty awful situation to me but I guess I have to do it. I'm very annoyed. Obviously they would move everything out when I moved in -- I'm just kind of being a baby about my own space and having my yard and my hut which was comfortable. Guess I just have to suck it up -- it's only a few more weeks and then I'm out of there."

there is literally a crack running through my hut from one side to another. i can't close or open any of my windows or doors now because everything is in the process of submitting to gravity.

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