Wednesday, August 5, 2009

burden on my back

i managed to make it back to site by last night. it was a long and arduous day. all the car rides were hot and stuffy and i got car sick on the way to kaolack. i was scared i was going to puke everywhere.

i had 6 kilos of sesame seed and 2 of Jatropha curcas along with a bunch of books and other things to bring back and for some reason thought that i would be fine walking the 7 kilometers back. i was wrong. it was so freakin' heavy and i hadn't eaten since the morning and it was a late start and threatening to rain. it was pretty terrible. i prayed for a charette and i got one for about 5-10 minutes before they dropped me off at the fork in the road -- i was grateful anyway. i think pinched a nerve in my shoulder carrying all the weight. but eventually -- of course -- i made it back cranky, hungry, exhausted, and bitter.

amazingly, the minute i stepped foot into the village it started to rain which turned into a little downpour that gave us 7mm of rain. otherwise it still hasn't rained in days.

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