Saturday, May 16, 2009

hostess and future mother

the past few days i've been playing hostess as a friend from america has come here for a visit. we've been having a good time. he spent a few days in the village where all the children fell in love with him and his soccer ball and coloring books. then we went to stay at a place called keur bamboung which remains my all time favorite place in senegal. i took my sister here last year when she visited and it was still as awesome as it was last time.

because we went to travel around senegal a little bit, i missed a wedding in the compound next door. since it is my next door neighbor, i brought a wedding gift of three kilos of rice to the head of the household. he was thrilled with my gift; so thrilled that it was almost a little embarrassing for me. after he received it he blessed me a few times over -- that i would have a good service, that i would find a good job, that i would have a good husband and many many children. and then -- that i would be the mother of the next great american president!

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