Saturday, January 31, 2009


the wonders of medicine are amazing. overnight, with the first few doses of medication, fallou's eyes have greatly improved. he can actually open them now. and his whimpering has gone down. i do not regret buying him those meds. moreover, they've administered the eye drops to the rest of the kids who wake up pink-eye crusty so maybe we will finally get rid of this nasty little disease that's been plaguing the compound.

i, on th eother hand, have fallen ill to some kind of flu or sinus infection sor something. i have a fever, congestion, and a sore throat. my head throbs and i am weak. i was supposed to go to toune today but instead have been in bed all day. i slept through most of it but the waking moments have been rather unpleasant. all the noises are amplified and unfortunately, i am surrounded by shrill, noisy children. the women have been worried but have given me my space, although at one point aram came in and rubbed my head in quite a motherly way and straightened up my hut a bit. i was in too much of a stupor to be embarassed at the state of my hut and myself and found it rather comforting, actually.

i must have jinxed myself because just the other day i was thinking about how i haven't been majorly ill in the village for quite some time. spoke too soon, i guess (even if it was just in my head).

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