Saturday, November 22, 2008

counting the cars on the new jersey turnpike they've all gone to look for america


after a relatively painless 8 hour flight (minus some motion sickness during landing) i was greeted by my father, mother, and sister at JFK airport. it was a wonderful feeling to see them and to squeal and to hug and to feel them in my arms again.

i yammered away to them in the car on the drive home and they fed me a toasted sesame bagel with cream cheese. i've been craving that since i left america over a year ago.

after a hot shower and changing into clothes that i haven't worn in ages, my dad took us out to dim sum and i stuffed myself silly. little did they know that the past few weeks i have secretly been hoping that my first meals in america would be a bagel and dim sum. they know me so well.

one thing that sucks is that i am so freaking cold!!! i'd been saying that i was looking forward to the cold and autumn and stuff but this is just ridiculous cold and i take it all back. i have on more layers than i thought was imaginable.

on an unrelated note,
now that i have unlimited wireless, i've switched over to picasa for pictures. flickr is great and all but i've run out of room on there and i am too poor/cheap to pay for an upgrade. head over there for all my pictures since entering country.

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