Sunday, September 28, 2008

tv on the radio in the bush

have i mentioned TV On The Radio's new album "Dear Science"? It's freakin' amazing. Itunes has a bonus track edition that was released early so I forked over the $12.99 (USD) and it was sooo worth it. granted i can't really keep up with this kind of stuff right now but it's one of the best albums i've heard. it is so finely crafted and i've been listening to it nonstop (on my ipod -- thank God for technology!) out here in the middle of nowhere, senegal. the other night i felt myself feeling crushed by village life so i turned in early, shut the door to my hut and had a crazy, sweaty dance party to it by myself in my candlelit hut. it was totally cathartic and after i danced to all 16 tracks and was dripping in sweat i went outside into my yard to cool down and basked under the great sky and stars as a the wind brought in clouds and impending rain.

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