Sunday, June 8, 2008

PEDRO the chicken R.I.P.

sad news: i found out today that while i was in dakar, pedro died! my family didn't mention anything when i got back until tonight and they were like, "oh yeah, aissatou, your chicken died while you were away. he got sick at adja's house and she caught him and brought him back here and we put him in the chicekn house to spend the night and the next morning, he was dead. he's out there behind that tree, we threw him in the bush." that's as literal of a wolof translatoin as i can do and while its sad, its also kind of strange and funny considering the way this language works. also, he was such a comical looking bird and his life story has been so well chronicled by this weird american, it almost seemed like an appropriate end to his story. he would have been eaten by me and my sister, but illness got to him first...

pedro, you were a good chicken.(pedro, keeping watch outside my hut)

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