Sunday, June 15, 2008

happy father's day!

as my first year in what i consider true adulthood (and also my first whilst in africa), this father's day is special because i am recalling that my dad has been so much a part of why i am here and why i remain here, despite the trials, troubles, and difficulties of being a volunteer here in rural senegal.

also, the new-found distance simply just makes me miss him so much and i can't wait to see him again (november?).

i've always been a rather emotional person and my father has always been able to keep me grounded as the rational, logical argument in any bout of desperate anxiety fueled by my crazy array of emotions and feelings.

in the past recent years, my father and i have come to know each other much better and it makes me so incredibly happy that we are no longer just bound to each other by just a blood relationship but one of friendship and love and understanding.

happy father's day!

(in other news, my arms and legs are covered in a strange and erratic rash. it's rained 5 times here, which has given life to the dry land of senegal and brought about a new set of wonders -- and mosquitos. i've reseeded but only my cashews seems to want to make it. tomorrow i will be going out to sokone to work on a landscaping project and then down to karang to see some wrestling and then back to site to build a chicken coop and have my supervisor come down and see what i've been up to in the village. leanne is coming to visit july 7 and i can't freakin' wait!!!)


Anonymous said...

Dear Caca,

I'm very touched!

Mom and I are blessed to have you as our daughter. Just keep on being yourself and you will be very alright. BTW, try this for your mosquito problem: (from a friend's email that i received recently):

Mosquito Spray...Worth a try
I was at a deck party awhile back, and the bugs were having a ball biting everyone. A man at the party sprayed the lawn and deck floor with Listerine, and the little demons disappeared. The next year I filled a 4-ounce spray bottle and used it around my seat whenever I saw mosquitoes. And voila! That worked as well. It worked at a picnic where we sprayed the area around the food table, the children's swing area, and the standing water nearby. During the summer, I don't leave home without it

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Howay said...

aww... this is so sweet. i'm glad your relationship with your dad has gotten to where it is today. family is definitely the most important so keep it going strong!