Monday, March 24, 2008

things i did not know before i joined peace corps

1. chickens will eat their own eggs. they will also peck out the eyes of their own young. there is no such thing as chicken sex, just chicken rape. chickens are rather ruthless and cruel creatures.

2. goats sneeze more than any other animal in the kingdom. except maybe sheep.

3. a few nights out of the month there is no moon and the night is shrouded in utter darkness. (apparently i was supposed to know this?)

4. you CAN live without running water. (and electricity, for that matter.)

5. the phone is one of the greatest inventions ever made. cell phones are miraculous.

6. before actually talking, babies communicate in their own weird babble language. they make noises which seem to be sentences and are clearly trying to communciate. the most fascinating part: mothers understand this seemingly nonsensical language and will carry on with their children -- one speaking a coherent language, the other in babble speak. living with babies is weird.

7. you cannot eradicate ants. it is simply not possible.

8. bean sandwiches = best breakfast ever.

9. millet and fish water = worst dinner ever.

10. donkeys are truly the saddest animals in the kingdom and deserve to be treated better. (which is ridiculous because they are also amongst the cutest.).

11. baobab trees have fruit! it's called monkey bread and it is delicious.

12. it is possible to survive 106 degree weather and survive.

13. it is possible to sit in a minicar without shocks on a pothole laden road for 16 hours.

14. i'm a lot tougher than i thought i was.

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