Thursday, March 6, 2008

cat motherhood

i've forgotten how much work a kitten can be. she's very needy and there are a gazillion and ten dangers for small cat our here in the senegalese bush. i am seriously worried about the white worms in her poop (worms? maggots? rice come to life?) but then i have to remind myself that probably 89% of the cats in senegal have white worms in their poop. what do i do about these extra friends she's brought home?

since the stupid dog already tried to rip her to pieces, her trips outside have been supervised. basically, i let her wander around but keep at a distance with a long stick to the dog away and to scare her away from the things she should avoid, like poop, thorny fences, the bush. the kids have a lot of time watching me and i feel like some kind of crazy/kooky circus trainer. i am trying not to be overprotective, which is why i let her get caught in between some goats and donkeys and she wound up on a fence trying to figure out how to get down for 10 minutes.

anyway, i am over thinking it all and it makes me wonder what kind of mother i'll be if i am obsessing over every little detail of my mangy african cat. yikes.

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