Thursday, March 27, 2008

butting heads

a baby cow went into my hut today while we were eating lunch. i should learn to close my door.

how can i expect talla to treat mew ith respect if he doesn't even treat his wives with it? the problem with understanding more wolof these days is that i can understand the things he says -- or more like, commands -- to his wives now. it is frustrating to hear him talk to them like that and often makes me harbor more negative feelings towards him. i wonder if i will ever get around to liking this man.

the best way to tolerate him, i am finding, is to remind myself that this is the biggest deal he will be. it is a bit mean and elitist of me -- but this is his shining moment, when he was big deal in the village. i, on the other hand, will have a plethora of opportunities to be a big deal (maybe) in my life so i should humble myself and let him have the spotlight.

the best thing i can do in terms of teaching him about gender roles is to do it slowly and steadily -- no reason to rock the boat when i have another 1.5 (really?) years to change his mind about what women can and cannot do. perhaps i will never get to see a change in him but i can at least play an influence. i feel a little guilty about griping about the american woman's 70 cents to a man's dollar when here, a woman's not even allowed to carry her own machete.

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