Sunday, February 24, 2008

heading back

goin' back to the bush in a few hours.

i'm a little nervous as i haven't been there in a bit more than a month and am expecting to get started on my projects/big ideas/endeavors.

sometimes i wonder: what can i -- a prissy city girl who has spent more time in books than in the field -- possibly do for the senegalese? it is a little daunting and scary and i don't trust myself often.

but then i was talking with another PCV last night and figured that i am, in fact, in quite a prime position because 1) if i can do it, they can do it and 2) development isn't so much about me the foreigner going in and telling others how and what they should do to help themselves but to work alongside them and test out these methods and technologies and see what we can do together to improve upon them and their livelihoods. it is a partnership not a mentorship and i think i can do that.

okay, pep talk over. i admit: i am a little freaked out to go back. but there is nothing i can do but go back and i am going back with a kilo of kola nuts, a new soccer ball for the kids, and some cookies for the fam so maybe they will be happy to see me again.

i heard it snowed on the east coast? it is getting hot here again and i find myself missing snow. crazy!


Dave Chen said...

It snowed like craaaazy. You miss snow... until you think of driving in it. Have fun and continue to take care!

Jan said...

you know how i sent you the wrong kind of journal?

i just found where barnes and noble puts all the moleskin products today. do you want me to send you one or anything else?