Sunday, February 17, 2008


it is 2:58 in the morning here in dakar, senegal and i have discovered that i've lost my wallet with my peace corps id, my cbao atm card, my credit card, and my american commerce bank debit card along with about 60,000 CFA. dammit.

tomorrow will consist of a wild goose hunt looking for my wallet. why am i so stupid?!?!

otherwise, had a wonderful night consisting of american softball, beer and hot dogs, expensive thai food, and the marine party that involved an auction of some of my favorite guys in order to raise money for senegad -- the gender and development program in senegal. of course i had to end the night by discovering that i lost my wallet somewhere along the way and if i did, i am really screwed. inshallah i will find it tomorrow. (a few hail marys, fingers crossed, etc.)

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