Thursday, January 10, 2008

losing my finger lickin' mind


what i would do right now for a huge platter of sashimi (NO RICE). or a bowl of niu rou mien (chinese beef stew). or a salad with sprouts, egg, cucumbers, grilled chicken, croutons, raspberry vinaigrette, and salt and pepper. or vietnamese spring rolls. or dumplings! or a pomegranate margarita with chips and guacamole at blockheads -- especially in this blazing heat (i know it's winter in new york but it is still hot here). or ice cream! cold, creamy ice cream: vanilla heath from halo pub or green tea ice cream or cherry garcia or how about all three at the same time. or even just a slice of ray-bari pizza. or a donut. or even a chocolate chip cookie. senegalese food depresses me.

i am fed but i am still hungry.

(the title is quite literal as we eat with our hands here.)

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