Thursday, December 27, 2007

merry belated christmas, happy new year

christmas in the bird park was fun and great and i got a few good photos up on my flickr. got to see pelicans (lots), warthogs, crocodiles, and a python wrapped up in a tree.

there are also some pictures of some people and my hair and other mundane details about my life on flickr.

hope you all had a good christmas. mine was nice and in good company but it definitely felt miles (or perhaps, kilometers?) away from what i'm used to.

will be at site and probably away from internet for the next 3 weeks. and then it is off to IST (in-service training) for a few weeks. how nuts is that? time is flying but not really either. weird. things are sometimes kind of shitty but i am trucking through and am too stubborn to give up yet.

love you all and happy 2008!

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