Wednesday, December 19, 2007

another list

1) happy anniversary, daddy and mommy!

2) i've just realized that fatou is pregnant. maybe 3 or 4 months? that or homegirl's getting fat.

3) i just got my hair braided for tabaski. it took forever. i also got "mees" (i think the wolof-frenchified way of saying "mesh"?) braided into it to make my hair longer and since it is textured i have now fulfilled my lifelong dream of having nappy hair.

4) we have a baby goat! it was born while they were braiding so i missed the birth. i guess it is such a common thing that they didn't realize it would be a big deal for me to witness. well, at least i'm getting to witness the afterbirth. it is way gross.

5) dame (pronounced "dom") the baby peed on me last night and again today. then he pooped in my hut. dame 4, me 0.

1 comment:

Branden said...

Nappy looks good on you! Lol