Monday, October 1, 2007

everybody here is perfect

something to be known about the senegalese is that they are perfect and absolutely stunning. the women are gorgeous and the men are strikingly handsome. perfect skin, hair, teeth, eyes, everything. it must be in the water or something.

i haven't seen one zit on a senegalese once since i've gotten here.

me, on the other hand, all i seem to do in this country is sweat and vomit (not a lot of vomiting recently alxamdoulilah) so i sport a new friend each week on a different locale of my face and it has been a lot of fun learning to not care about these kinds of things. just as i was getting over the gigantic volcano of a zit on my right cheek (face, not butt), i went home and my sisters all individually on separate occasions asked me about my pimple. at first they were all like, "poor aicha, you get bit my mosquitos everywhere!" and then i tried to explain that its not a mosquito bite and just a pimple but they all started panicking about it and had a 20 minute rapid-fire wolof conversation with each other about the condition of my face. afterwards they kept telling me the entire day that i had to see the PC doctor regarding the zit. all i could say in response was "c'est n'est pas grave!" and they were all like "hmmm...yes, but you should still see a doctor." so apparently people do not get pimples in this country and i have yet another characteristic that makes me a freakshow in this country.

BUT i got my hair braided by my sister so i've got rows for the first time in my life and everybody has been telling me it is beautiful but i feel like an imposter/poser and it has given me a horrid headache so as cool as i felt in my rows, i am getting them taken out tonight. i took a picture though and will try to post a picture of my ghetto fabulousness as soon as i can figure it all out, inshallah.

i stink today! i am going to go take a bucket bath.


Irene said...

awww about the volcanic zit! it's ok... look how much you are cared for! so much love, u can't complain about that! quit poppin perhaps, u'll have beautiful skin by the end of the 2 yrs!

Dada said...

Can't wait to see your braided hair. Caca.

Jan said...

bucket bath. how classy.

treesaver said...

damn, what would they say about me when i get there?!! lol.

Natalie said...

i haven't been able to access the internet very much, so i'm reading up on all your adventures now at a Panera I found. I looooove your pimple story, that is too funny. The braids are a bit much, but I'm sure it was fun while you had em. It's just part of the experience I guess. do you heat up the water for your bucket bath? cuz then they ain't so bad.