Sunday, September 23, 2007

there's a cyber cafe right behind my house!

with all the shit luck i've had with my health (quite literally, i might add), i have had the best luck with my host family in thies. they are wonderful people and i couldn't be more comfortable with them. granted, my 2 year old niece can speak more wolof than me but tomorrow i start language lessons and my primary focus in life right now is to become proficient in wolof.

my new name is AÏSHA SAGNE (pronounced aye-sha sahn-yay) which i think is a beautiful name and i can't wait to be integrated so that i can stop nodding and smiling to everything that is said to me. my niece, kumba, has taken a liking to me and where ever i go in the compound, she totters after me chirping "aïsha!" but as pleasant as it is, i am hoping that by the end of my 7 weeks of PST i can talk more to my sisters and brother in laws than my baby niece. pray for me.

my health is gradually improving - alhamdoulilah (spelling?) - and i can finally eat and drink again. now i am just constantly thirsty, which can be frustrating, as i cannot just drink any water from anywhere and i am rather terrified to go into a store and ask for a bottle of water because i am an idiot and left the notebook with my "survival wolof" phrases back in my room but i suppose i will just have to go and pantomime my way through.

some bad news though -- my host sister went to the hospital this morning because she's been ill. they think it is malaria. thankfully she is being treated for it but i feel guilty because i've been complaining about my malaria meds and the very strong side effects it has on me. lesson learned. inshallah she will be okay and inshallah i will be okay too because i am for certain absolutely covered in bites. thank you for your tax dollars that pay for my meds and mosquito nets. now if only these were accessible to all.

i wish this was better written and more eloquent but for some reason my mind is somewhat dull right now. i am going to search for water.


treesaver said...

No, this is not badly written. I love all of your posts. You're a good writer.

Don't feel too bad about getting sick. I think you were very tired before you left. So when your body got pushed, it retaliated. Foreign country or not, take time to let your body recover. Remember God's love and let him fill you with peace. We'll be praying for your health.

Jan said...

(1) malaria: you will loose mad weight. SO JEALOUS.
(2) AÏSHA SAGNE. i'm going to call oyu that from now on.
(3) soot spirit
(4) i miss you.

Daddy said...

Dear Caca,

Mom and I have been praying earnestly to God for Him to restore your health, so you will be alright and we are so glad that you got youself a cell phone, Mom will buy you cookie and candies tomorrow and will mail to you asap.
We will call you tomorrow evening your time. OK!?


Katie said...


I miss you so much--i am so happy that you are doing well. I hope you are feeling better. I have so much to tell you and will write you soon! I miss and i love you!

Lil K