Tuesday, August 7, 2007


in unrelated PC news (thank god!),
i (surprisingly) have quite a few friends in minnesota
they all come from study abroad and although we knew each other for only a semester, we all went through a somewhat traumatizing experience together as a group so we still stay in touch
[some of what we experienced was downright traumatic! i.e. the managua dump (pictured, taken by a. peters) i still cannot believe that people - children and infants, even - actually live on those grounds]

they are all okay, thank goodness
and it was interesting to get a point of view from minneapolis
(most of my MN people go to school only blocks away from the bridge and have crossed it thousands of times in their daily lives)
it's been hard to respond properly to this bridge-falls-down news coverage because, well, you know how the media likes to make a big hullabaloo about everything
true to prediction, both friends i spoke to reflected opinion that the entire event has become something of a spectacle
and while it is certainly a great tragedy and a terrible shame,
the media has scurried to begin pointing fingers of blame and instantaneously have turned it into something political

i'm glad i got this dispatch from minneapolis and by no means am i saying that this is true hard fact about the situation
i just find it interesting to hear different perspectives about things

more pictures of the managua dump (all taken by the fabulous ms. peters)
(ask me about it in person)


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